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Generate leads by using automated chatbots

Generate leads by automated chatbots

Lead tracking software will significantly boost your prospect-to-customer conversion ratio. You will build robust and long-lasting relationships with clients by addressing their queries through the built-in automated Ezzy chatbox. 

The Ezzy chatbot has a list of pre-written templates in an easy-to-use tabular format that outlines the information flow between the bot and the prospect.

The bot will collect prospect details and directly create a lead in your pipeline. You can change the questions and their flow according to your needs.  

Ezzy chatbot provides everything in a single dashboard, including prospect details, historical communication, and company information making it convenient for the sales team to revisit cold calls and tailor their pitches based on prospect’s needs and behavior.

Follow-up with leads instantly with EzzyCRM.

EzzyCRM is the best lead management software as it automates the entire lead management process. From capturing high-quality leads and tracking their behavior to making them sales-ready, and finally handing the list to the sales team. 

EzzyCRM provides a simple-to-use dashboard that allows the sales team to import and export data, manage multiple lead accounts, and monitor every customer interaction.

The visual sales pipeline management feature will enable you to classify customers across different stages, including “lead-in, follow-up, potential meetings, meetings completed, proposals made, and negotiations started” in a drag and drop fashion. You can also add or delete pipeline stages as per your need. 

Moreover, EzzyCRM syncs all emails to the lead tracking software. It captures every data point and allows the sales team to monitor customer interactions from a user-friendly dashboard.

EzzyCRM goes a step further by sending instant follow-ups and reminders to the sales team & potential clients.

Follow-up with leads instantly with EzzyCRM

Get a 360-degree view of your sales activities​

360 degree view of your sales activities​

Ensure that you are not losing leads due to human-induced errors and technical faults.

EzzyCRM is the best lead management software as it provides detailed lead reports that factor in components such as the number of sales calls made, emails sent, and meetings done. You can personalize email templates, ensuring a high conversion ratio using the “email template” feature for automated follow-ups.

Create a follow-up mechanism that schedules meetings based on customer preferences. Monitor the sales team’s productivity over any given time by accessing details at the click of a button, ensuring that essential follow-up activities are going as per the schedule. 

Another advantage of EzzyCRM management software is that it allows only authorized individuals to access the customer database. It does this by storing client information in an encrypted format, restricting any third party from accessing the repository. Moreover, EzzyCRM uses SSL encryption to protect every data sent on the wire.

Get more sales with less work

EzzyCRM makes it ezzy to streamline, grow, report and highlight leads with more potential, so your sales team can spend their effort and time on the right leads.

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Features: Ezzy Chat Bot, Reminders & Follow-up Automation, Visual Dashboard & Multiple Sales Pipelines, Ezzy Reports, Custom Fields & Link Emails To Deals, Role Based Access & Security.

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