Why Use EzzyCRM Software?

EzzyCRM is a Customer Relationship Management software that helps companies to manage sales team, assign task and followup, track pipeline, and visualize deal stages for better ROI.

Why EzzyCRM?

Why EzzyCRM

EzzyCRM is one of the best CRM companies in India as it provides intuitive, automatic, and easy solutions for all your business needs. From providing a highly efficient chatbot to drafting and documenting emails to managing prospect data, it takes care of all the minute details, thereby freeing up extra time for your sales team to interact more with clients instead of redundant manual tasks.

You will never lose a prospect with EzzyCRM. The Pipeline management feature provides all the relevant customer details on a single screen that enables you to build robust and long-lasting customer relationships.

Get a comprehensive view of your sales pipeline

Get a real-time picture of your entire sales pipeline on a visual dashboard that you can edit through simple drag and drop commands.

You can view at which stage in the sales pipeline does the lead lie and sort them according to their importance.

You can also mark a deal as either ‘won’ or ‘lost.’ A dialog box allows you to store reasons for lost deals for future reference.

Get a comprehensive view of your sales pipeline

A collection of time-saving tools will supercharge your productivity.

Time-saving tools will supercharge your productivity

EzzyCRM is among the best CRM companies in India because it provides essential tools at your sales teams’ fingertips. They can close deals at superfast speed with less work.

You can add and manage deals, customer contact details, and organization data using a simple drag and drop feature.

Moreover, forming long and healthy customer relationships has never been so easy. EzzyCRM, the best CRM for small businesses, allows you to schedule meetings, add reminders, and send automatic follow-up emails

Get more sales with less work

EzzyCRM makes it ezzy to streamline, grow, report and highlight leads with more potential, so your sales team can spend their effort and time on the right leads.

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Features: Ezzy Chat Bot, Reminders & Follow-up Automation, Visual Dashboard & Multiple Sales Pipelines, Ezzy Reports, Custom Fields & Link Emails To Deals, Role Based Access & Security.

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