Deal Management Software

Deal management software and its applications

Deal management software and applications

One of the essential tasks of the sales team is to identify sales opportunities. This process entails capturing critical customer information, storing it in a single repository, and accessing it whenever required. Without deal management software, it becomes challenging to follow-up with leads and close deals faster.

The best deal management software ensures that you get a comprehensive picture of your potential clients, such as:

You can find the real-time status of all your deals from the same place in an easy to read visual sales pipeline.

Pay attention to high-quality deals

The best deal management software for small businesses allows you to store, filter, and sort deals based on their value. You can drag and drop to sort high-value deals to ensure that you pay more attention to them.

Moreover, you can move the deal from one pipeline stage to the next one conveniently. Also, you can view all the deals in either “stage view” or “table view.” The “stage view” tells at what stage in the sales pipeline the deal is currently in.

On the other hand, the “table view” displays essential information about the deal, such as the “customer name, organization name, deal value, stage name, date, note count, reminder count, close date, pipeline name, and other custom fields.”

Pay attention to high-quality deals

Customize your pipeline according to your sales process

Customize your pipeline according to your sales process

Deal management software allows you to create and edit the sales pipeline according to their needs and wants. The “Edit Pipeline Stage” feature in the “Add New Pipeline” tab allows you to edit the stages in a drag and drop fashion.

You can also delete a stage if you don’t want it to appear on the sales pipeline page. Sometimes, you may wish to add new fields that don’t exist in the default sales pipeline format. You can do that by adding multiple custom fields to capture the desired data. 

The best deal management software also allows marking a deal as either ‘won’ or ‘lost’. You can also store reasons for lost deals and gain insights into your sales team’s performance. 

Send automated reminders and never miss a lead follow-up​

You can schedule reminders conveniently. Firstly, select the type of reminder you want to create, such as call, meeting, task, deadline, email, or lunch. Then select the date, time, and the salesperson whom it’s assigned for. Write a short message so that you immediately recollect the important points. Finally, click on the “Save” button. The reminder will automatically appear in your inbox on the scheduled time and date. 

Do you know that only 2% of sales are made on the first contact? Moreover, 48% of businesses never follow-up with a prospect? The best deal management software for small businesses allows you to schedule automated follow-up emails with clients.

You also have an option of “Auto link deal email” that you can copy and paste in the bcc field while drafting an email to your client. This feature allows you to record each email conversation between you and the client inside the EzzyCRM deal details screen for future reference.

Send automated reminders

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