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Create automated contact records with Ezzy chatbot

Automated contact records with Ezzy chatbot

EzzyCRM will allow you to create and store customer contact accounts in a single easy-to-use dashboard. You will find all the client details on the same page and can edit or delete them as per your choice. Finding a particular client has never been so easy. Click on the “Search” bar and type either the first or last name to get the desired profile details.

EzzyCRM is one of the best contact management software because it creates a deal and adds contact automatically by taking data points, such as first name, last name, email address, title, and phone number from Ezzy chatbot, which is included for free in our advanced subscription plan.

Perform all sales tasks from a single screen​

EzzyCRM significantly enhances customer service management by allowing your sales team to manage all customer accounts from a single screen using various tabs. They will no longer have to jump from one screen to another.

Enhance your sales productivity with EzzyCRM contact management software by monitoring your sales teams’ activities, accessing customer accounts, and obtaining historical customer communication at the same place.

All sales tasks single screen

Store client messages safely and import and export data conveniently

Import and export data conveniently

EzzyCRM’s reputation as the best contact management software comes from providing an easy “auto-generated email” link per deal. You can copy and paste this link in the bcc field while drafting an email to your client. This feature will record all customer conversations through email and store them inside the deal details screen for future reference.

The “Import” data functionality allows you to import all contacts from a CSV file. You can do that by choosing the file you want to upload by simply clicking on the “Import Data” button. Then you can map the data fields in the file that you have uploaded against the data fields mentioned in the EzzyCRM software. Similarly, you can also download all your current contacts in an Excel file using the “Export” functionality.

Get more sales with less work

EzzyCRM makes it ezzy to streamline, grow, report and highlight leads with more potential, so your sales team can spend their effort and time on the right leads.

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Features: Ezzy Chat Bot, Reminders & Follow-up Automation, Visual Dashboard & Multiple Sales Pipelines, Ezzy Reports, Custom Fields & Link Emails To Deals, Role Based Access & Security.

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