Comparison Between Inside Sales Vs Outside Sales Representatives

While inside and outside sales are both very beneficial for any sales strategy, it's important to understand the differences so you can make a decision that best suits your team and business. It's wise to use both despite time and money constraints, but if you must choose one over the other, it’s smart to understand the ins and outs in order to make the right choice.

In this helpful guide, we'll be talking about Inside Sales vs. Outsides sales, how your company might be better suited for one over the other, and how to choose the best reps for your goals and structure your sales team so that the team will be effective.

Discuss What Is Meant By An Outside Sales Representative

Outside sales are the process of selling products and services through personal interactions. Inside work is usually carried out in an office, but away from the home office. Depending on what you are selling and where you sell it, specific methods may be utilized for client presentations. In general, industry practices dictate when interacting face-to-face with a prospect.

Outside sales are also called field sales, and it is sometimes seen as a base for outside salespeople.

One type of sales representative is the outside representative. Outside sales depend on a personal approach and targeting prospects in person, which often goes unnoticed. Inside sales representatives focus on focused prospecting and close more deals than outside reps, even though they do not focus on building relationships.

Outside sales are where you can build trust and sell more by generating quality leads and reading them closely. Your reps will be more successful if they talk to clients face-to-face, work closely with your company on new products, and listen well to get feedback from clients.

What Should You Bring Into An Inside Sales Job?

Outside sales are the process of selling products or services in person, rather than over the phone. An outside sales representative uses telephone calls, emails and video conferencing to maintain relationships with leads, prospects, and customers.

Some calls are still made from a desk and can be focused on the customer, regardless of the distance. They’re also called virtual or remote sales.

As early as the 2000s, inside sales was a term to help define sales and differentiate those conducted from an office and field or territory. Inside sales often discussed associates who were hired exclusively to market goods or services of a company. An outside sales representative should find the right balance.

Salespeople often work outside the office and might work in smaller territories with shorter timeframes for potential clients. Their core job includes meeting their target clients face to face, like conferences and trade shows, or they might need to go out into the field and find prospects that match the current needs of your market.

The main difference between sales representative jobs that involve working outside versus within a company is that with outside sales representatives, you are not scheduled and you define your own schedule.

Outside sales are sales that occur on a regular basis and are aimed at achieving revenue goals through activity-based selling. To complete such tasks, they also use standard sales tools, like CRM systems, and specific approaches to map out their strategy.

They have to meet with enough potential customers to maximize their investments. For this reason, it’s beneficial for an Outside Sales Representative to primarily invest in the ones that have greater value and reduce the number of deals pursued. It should not be prioritized on quality instead quantity should be avoided.

The Advantages Of Outside Sales

A service-related company came up with customer rewards to keep their customers happy. In contrast, it is more effective to focus on a smaller subset of leads with invested time. Fundamentally, the best way to close doors is by spending more time and proper effort on each lead, increasing the likelihood that the lead will buy from you.

Roles Of An Inside Sales Representative

An inside salesperson typically distributes your product or service, reaching out to potential customers and/or leads to provide assistance with their team. As we know that most salespeople now work over the phone and the internet, they need tools that help them both close a sale and generate leads. Inside salespeople are still a common job type in B2B. Inside Salespeople need reliable digital tools to connect with their prospects.

How Inside Sales Go Through Their Process

  • Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Video conferences
  • Live chat
  • Text messages

With automated phone calls in today’s marketplace, you can turn cold leads into paying customers without leaving your desk. You just need an internet connection and a way to conduct phone calls with quality audio.

An inside sales rep has to be skilled in picking up verbal and audible cues because they usually don’t meet a client face-to-face during a video chat. Without this skill, an inside sales rep will struggle to move their deals forward.

Inside sales reps can plan the sale and more with a measurable forecast of the rate and time frame of conversations. Inside sales offer a reliable, predictable schedule for reps during these important conversations.

Sales representatives aim to close ten sales. In this period, by selling 200 leads and achieving the goal, they will sell five hundred hundred out of a thousand qualified leads, which is much less than what is expected of an outside sales representative.

Recognizing what a qualified lead looks like and their expectations help keep the platform productive, meets quotas, and provides resources for clients.

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If you are looking to pay your sales reps well, you may want to offer them incentives such as cool offices and longer lunch hours.

If you want to be hired by reputable people and pay off your debt, you want to make sure that the quality you provide for them is worth the money. By finding various ways to simultaneously speed up progress in your work and value, you can have a better chance at being offered the job.

3 Ways to Make Sales Work Even Better

Depending on your goal, there is a wide range of openings in the field. The opportunities might vary depending on how much you value a salary.

Data ships noticed that selling in different regions can be crucial for some companies. Shane Ronan-Duggan, head of business development at Dataships, said that it’s important to have buyers in your market who require your product and understand how it works.

The biggest difference I have seen is that in Ireland consumers prefer meeting face-to-face with agents, whereas when selling in the UK consumers often prefer a phone call.

With the use of new technologies, face-to-face interactions that were once only possible in person can now be done online. The key for Blye is to train all salespeople to use the same Sales Methodology, and unified communication systems needed.

As a general rule, outside salespeople tend to make slightly more money than inside representatives. Use the above numbers as a baseline for their respective countries. Because while the numbers are based on the comparison of two separate countries, there was a pattern emerging.

Close more deals with outside sales reps

Sales that are closed through outside vendors often generate larger profits than inside sales. Due to the fact that special needs sellers typically work on more profitable deals, they generate higher sales than inside reps.

Field reps typically have a harder time finding a job

Experiencing difficulties and finding solutions for future challenges is a useful skill, but only comes with time, experience, and effort. With more material provided through previous mistakes, strategizing new marketing strategies becomes easier.

Outside salespeople have a median hourly income of $30 and an annual minimum of $118,600. Inside sales jobs, on the other hand, have a median annual income of $32,700 with bonuses.

Inside sales representatives typically earn 9,822*8 23 = $92,108 in commissions while outside sales representatives earn 15,123*8 23 = $152,236 in commissions.

Meeting the needs of sales reps involves a deep understanding of what these people do and how their particular skill sets interact with team members.

What is the profit margin for the company?

Hiring sales reps have many benefits, including the salary cost and a commission opportunity.

The Inside Sales Team

Having an in-house sales team gives the company a budget cut because they only need to pay for computers and internet while having a CRM provides the ability to stay productive.

As your in-house team grows, you're less likely to need to hire an additional person. On the flip side, new costs will include a new hire salary, CRM seat, and sales training for your new employee.

With the help of a team much bigger than your own or even remote workers, you can now easily make big sales. On top of that, you will have a great CRM system to manage and automate sales activities.

Grow your sales team to capitalize on exponentially higher returns and avoid overpaying for resources. In some cases, you may be able to get away with low costs, depending on your market niche and stage of development.

It’s important to budget for the various expenses involved with new hires. Field reps rely on in-person meetings, so you must ensure they have ample resources to reach these meetings.

You will be able to use a more personal medium than email and phone conversations provide because in-person interactions are longer than a basic phone call or email exchange.

An outside sales representative can only be focused on one deal at a time because they are spending significantly more time traveling between different deals. Inside sales representatives, however, are often free to work on multiple bids simultaneously with lower marginal costs.

How To Make An Outside Sales Job Easier

If you want to maximize profits from your investment in outside sales reps, invest in them. You can expect a return for many years to come. To do so, make sure that you are selling high-ticket products or services.

When a business has high lifetime value and can make money from the customer not with less effort but with increased conversion rates, it should consider outsourcing the marketing process. Businesses report that it is a better bottom line when they replace in-house staff with external sales.

Building an engaged customer is crucial to a successful business. Stephen Bensons' Badger Maps helps companies launch effective outside sales strategies; increasing their lifetime value.

Find those who are the most talented at each task, and use them to train others. Create a discrete mapping of these talent areas and identify who your top performers are. Create timetables for training and make sure you have flexible work hours so that they can clone themselves as well.

When scaling sales, costs are higher, and takes longer for them to achieve success. It’s more financially sustainable to start with inside sales over selling more as an outside rep. When you're ready to accelerate, you can invest in adding reps to your team, once you have enough frictionless clients.

Challenges When Trying To Sell Outside

If you are looking for outside and/or inside sales staff, one tip to find superstar salespeople is to understand that it takes a communicator who is driven by their work to succeed at sales. Sales reps who generate high results tend to be skilled at engaging with prospective clients on an emotional level in order to sell a product that they deserve.

For inside sales, the training models will need to use different skills than those for outside sales.

Three Ways To Tap Into The Experience Pool

Some things to consider when interviewing candidates for Inside sales representatives include what you want them to have and their past experience at the company.

Sales representatives can easily show companies how and why CRM software drives their daily and weekly actions, because of its process-driven sales funnel. Knowing how the sales funnel works is key to having a well-defined sales activity.

Genuine excitement about working with a team: If you're an inside sales rep, you're likely going to spend 40 hours a week in the office. The more confident your salespeople are when together in the same space and energized by each other, the better their performance.

With multiple communication methods, reps need to know their strengths and weaknesses in order to have the most impact on their customers. This means being aware of each method's strengths and weaknesses so that they can choose which one will be most effective for them.

Ramping up for new strategies, shifting quotas or changes in business happen quickly and carry with them more opportunities to educate. And to help reps with these tasks, managing comms must be well-versed in the trendiness of content marketing.

Qualities That Make A Great Sales Rep

For the right person, sales can be rewarding and provide an opportunity to build rapport with clients.

Setting sales appointments to meet a quota is a key factor in prospecting. With a machine, you don’t need to rely on the prospecting field rep to schedule and set out these appointments.

Your outside sales agent should be open to new people and challenges while they work with you, including challenges related to time. They should be adaptable to last-minute changes and still have the necessary tact required for success.

On the other hand, outside sales representatives typically do all of this during a meeting with the potential customer. Inside sales reps typically do this through dozens of messages and phone calls.

Outside sales reps generate more leads but work with fewer of them. They generate deals even if it is at the cost of focusing on personal relationships with clients.

In order to handle complicated transactions, our customer service representatives are either on the phone or give a remote demo. For deals that require face-to-face interaction, we encourage those things.

While you may be thinking about scaling and increasing your revenue with outside sales, you have the same goal as with inside sales--fast and high-quality results.

Earlier, we talked about the cost and scalability of inside and outside teams. Now, what about a time when you need both? How can you make sure they work together instead of stepping on each other’s toes?

The current pandemic of outside sales has encouraged inside sales processes and tools to be used because it's not enough for just outside sales teams. Hybrid models come into question as to the new "normal" for delivery of both types of sales, which must be considered when deciding how to hire, structure, and manage a team of inside and outside salespeople.

How To Work More Effectively With Your Sales Team

When different companies operate in completely different fields and have different levels of technology, one company's practices will never be applicable in the work of the other.

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With this type of system, sales groups have their own individual quota and each outside sales representative's efforts are differently prioritized. By letting employees be more involved in the sales lead intake process, you’re ensuring that each and every person feels respected, important and involved.

With leads being assigned to their in-house sales account managers, they will move through the sales funnel at a faster pace and have more relevance to the account's day-to-day operations.

When they have a powerful network, companies are able to sell more effectively rather than having their sales touch base with a limited number of people in their personal circles.

With most remote and outside teams spending a lot of their time selling, a hybrid team seems to be the direction many sales organizations are taking. Hybrid sales reps use their time more efficiently by organizing leads into buckets and retaining all important emails, activities, and content. They use their time the most efficiently by the prospect in their role as telemarketing reps by making customer calls.

How To Increase The Productivity Of Your Pipeline

While our team doesn't have hours to "pave the pavement" of Richmond, VA, and meet more prospects in person, some people we talk to in Virginia still need personal interactions with an outside salesperson. The company is becoming way pickier with evaluating these needs as time progresses.

You need to have the software that matches up with your company’s sales structure so they can work together in a timely manner.

Unburdened by cost and distance, new technologies allow organizations to sell at lower prices with better customer service. With the development of communication tools, it is easy and cheap for businesses to connect with their customers and deliver a more personal message that has never been easier or cheaper than ever before.

How To Use A Variety Of Tools To Grow Your Sales Business

With a visual sales dashboard that is available offline, it’s easy to keep up with your work and goals. EzzyCRM business-to-business CRM makes it simple even when you're not connected.

By utilizing automation within EzzyCRM, you can eliminate wasted time and get more efficient with your communication efforts. EzzyCRM’s email tracking and communication feature utilize email programming to filter and prioritize inbound emails and ensure intuitive, automated replies from the sales team.

Make the most of in-house and outside sales

If you want to budget your company's money, or you have a shorter sales cycle, consider hiring inside salespeople or an outside sales team. If, on the other hand, you sell a product or service that would benefit from face-to-face engagement with prospects, where your company builds long-term relationships, consider focusing on hiring an outside sales team.

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