A List Of All The Different Types Of Sales Jobs

If you are looking to advance your career in sales, it can be difficult to know what type of sales job is right for you. If you are expanding your company’s sales efforts, you will be looking for different types of sales jobs and the personnel that can help you make that happen.

This guide discusses the 13 best types of sales jobs, including what they do, the skills and experience required, salaries, and how they contribute to the business.

1. Sales Development Representative

An individual who is in charge of finding and converting leads into a sale is referred to as an SDR. A sales rep, or a sales development representative, is an essential part of the sales process by connecting with potential leads and qualifying them.

Becoming a sales development representative means you must have an in-depth knowledge of the product so that you can help customers fix their pain points. With this knowledge, the chance of closing more valuable deals and winning customers is higher.

If a company is already generating revenue with SDRs and they have well-defined potential customers, it will only see an increase in revenue by hiring more salespeople.

SDRs can get bonuses up to $24,000 and commissions up to $25,000.

What qualities make a good sales development representative?

  • The drive to solve problems
  • How to improve your communication skills
  • Understand the strategic research process, learn how to generate leads, and increase company communications
  • How to improve your organization skills and time management.
  • Independent Work

2. Inside Sales Representative

With inside sales, sales reps sell products and services remotely. They also use emails, phone calls, video calls, etc. to move individuals towards a purchase. A salesperson will work on a predictable schedule and they can divide their monthly quota by the number of calls they need to make per day. They also remove any distractions.

With an inside sales rep, it is possible for them to sell to you anywhere, with just a reliable internet connection and mobile device. They do not require a physical location and can generate revenue because they can make as many phone calls as they would like.

According to PayScale, the average base salary for inside sales representatives in the United States is $44,717. Inside sales representatives can also receive bonuses up to $15,000 and commissions up to $29,000.

What qualities make a good inside sales rep

  • What you need to do to pick up on verbal and audible sales cues
  • How to be an effective communicator
  • How to learn product knowledge consistently
  • Plan your day with prioritization and time management tips

3. Outside Sales Representatives

Outside sales representatives are professional salespeople who sell products and services by meeting their prospects in face-to-face meetings. They primarily meet the prospects at trade shows, industry events, prospect’s offices or restaurants.

Sales representatives are more independent than they once were. They decide when they work and what they do, but outside sales representatives have an unconventional schedule.

If your company is aiming for larger deals, you should consider outside sales reps. Sales cycles with outside sales reps often take longer, which means that you have more time to build a solid relationship.

The average salary for an outside sales rep in the United States is $49,985. They can also earn up to a $40,000 bonus on top of that and a commission of up to $47,000.

Here are the qualities of a successful outside salesperson

  • Understanding body language to better pick up body language cues
  • Independent contractors are able to work on their own schedule and at different rates
  • Find out how to become highly organized
  • Remote or in-person? Here’s what will work best for you
  • Sometimes, an organization would need an outside sales representative, but a more specialized inside sales representative is not always necessary.

4. Account Executive (AE)

Account Executives are responsible for the entire sales process. They generate leads, sell the product and ensure customer satisfaction.

To build long-term relationships with customers, account executives work to keep churn and customer retention low by expanding their customer base.

Account executives are needed to inspire customer loyalty in all stages of the customer pipeline. Account executives are more personal with customers and can leverage that knowledge for a long-term strategy.

Account executives can make a base salary of $54,898 in the United States, with bonuses up to $40,000 and commissions up to $52,000.

Why working as an account executive might be the right career for you

  • Sellers of all levels in demand
  • Four habits of people who are great at building and maintaining relationships
  • Shane Baur is deeply knowledgeable about content marketing
  • How was noted that they are diligent in tracking account details and knew exactly which sales approach work and those that don't

5. Account manager

An account manager is a person in charge of building and maintaining long-term relationships. They need to oversee a range of assigned customers and work with key stakeholders to find new sales opportunities.

Account managers act as the main points of contact between the customer and their company. The account manager will help ensure that all of the customer’s needs are met.

If you want to increase customer lifetime value and reduce churn, it may be important to remember the benefits of adding an account manager. Account managers help a business cross-sell and upsell efficiently, thus providing greater returns.

The average base salary for account managers in the United States is $55,247. Account managers also get a bonus of up to $20,000 and a commission of up to $37,000.

Sales managers create sales plans to help them reach their goals. They hire and train representatives, evaluate performance, and build a strategy to meet business goals. Sales managers need to ensure their reps are well motivated and boost their team’s morale when needed. They also have to maintain a close relationship with the team to motivate them.

To help each salesperson hit their goals, a company may need to hire a sales manager. This will help keep everyone aligned and focused on the same goal by coaching and motivating them.

A sales manager's base salary is on average $61,629 in the US. They can also get a bonus of as much as $32,000 and a commission as high as $59,000.

The four key ways to succeed in sales forecasting and reporting

  • Great communication and presentation skills with various levels and departments
  • How to be a customer success manager
  • A customer success manager is designed to help new customers navigate the purchase process, ensure their experience with the company is smooth, and create long-term relationships.
  • CSMs help companies understand their customers, maximizing profits and company success. A CSM's goal is to drive more sales and keep customer accounts successful.
  • A typical customer success manager in the US makes $68,81200 annually with bonuses up to 24,000 and commissions up to 31,000.

What a great CSM candidate should have

  • Ways to provide quality customer service and troubleshooting
  • Develop your leadership skills to be a more effective trainer
  • How communication is paramount
  • Getting technical
  • A sales engineer's salary
  • A sales engineer demonstrates technical products to businesses by showing the products' features and benefits. This person is knowledgeable in the products they sell.

Sales engineers are also very good at explaining their products in a way that is easily understood, helping to bring sales reps closer to closing the sale.

Certain types of companies such as those that sell technical products, need to hire a sales engineer who will be best equipped to give technical advice to the customer.

The average salary for a sales engineer in America is $73,567. Sales engineers can also make up to $32,000 in commissions and bonuses.

A degree in engineering, computer science, mathematics, IT, or applied sciences is needed for this career. Also working in a startup could be a great opportunity. Many people with an interest in technology choose to study communication and educational topics.

The learnings that you should have is how to collaborate to succeed in sales. You also have the need to know how the process works and where a customer might be prone to get stuck.

9. Sales Operations And Inventory

In order to make sales more efficient, the manager manages all of the processes and tools which it is used by the sales team. With those structures, salespeople can stay productive and successful in their goals more easily.

A CRM allows a sales operation manager to view complex workflows in seconds and instantly know the number of open deals, average order size and value, and how long it takes for a deal to close.

A sales operations manager helps the sales team track their performance by providing them with data about their sales funnel and all the metrics that show them what they're doing well would be better off or are struggling with.

For a company that has a strong sales process, adding a sales operations manager will have them improving their productivity now and in the future.

The average US salary for a sales operations manager is $79,036. They can also earn bonuses of up to $20,000 and commissions up to $37,000.

The top things a sales operations manager will have to have

  • Turns your CRM tool into something more like a business monitor.
  • The ability to translate sales strategies into actionable processes, automation, and systems for your team
  • How communication and leadership skills help a team
  • Utilizing emotional intelligence in sales

10. Regional Sales Manager

Regional sales managers oversee a specific geographic region and work with their sales managers and teams to grow the company through advertisement. The regional manager reports on how different regions are performing. They understand how the seasons affect demand in a given region, so they know if their team is meeting expectations and when to hire more sales reps.

Regions can be completely different from company to company, so it makes sense that managers need to be hired locally. Regional groups allow for sales operations in a specific region without any overlap or confusion. For example, the United States has separate regions while Europe contains three.

The average salary for a regional sales manager is $82,615 in the U.S. A regional sales manager can also make bonuses up to $39,000 and commission up to $50,000.

Here are 5 qualities of a great regional sales manager candidate:

  • Know your target customers inside and out with these tips
  • The importance of leadership in sales managers
  • This service provides sales managers and teams with the ability to run sales reporting, forecasting, and other tasks. The reports are presented in a way that helps them take action.
  • How to develop a clear, effective sales strategy

11. Directorship In Sales

A director of sales is a highpoint-level management role that oversees and directs sales teams. The director either oversees the company-wide or regional sales, trains managers, sets goals for the team, and creates key strategies to hit those goals.

Directors of sales can see how their company is performing in terms of revenue and see where their company goes. They work with team managers to create goals in line with the company’s objectives.

It is the right time to hire a director of sales when there’s an opportunity to sell more efficiently and to better prospects by hiring ambitious, high-performing sales reps. The director should keep this growth in a sales capacity in sync with the company's overarching goals.

The average base salary for a director of sales is $100,774. They can also get up to $51,000 in bonuses and up to $72,000 in commissions.

Qualified people for a director of sales position (those with experience and skills)

What Seth’s sales strategy looks like

  • How to be successful in implementing changes and strategies
  • Watch how sales were revolutionized with streamlined processes
  • Effective Sales Forecasting and Reporting

12. Join VP Of Sales

The VP of Sales can set sales goals and objectives as well as work with the directors to create a strategy. They report to the CEO or president, which is one of the highest-positioned positions in sales. Sales directors need to be aware of what company's do, how they are doing financially and how they are growing.

Vice presidents of sales are best hired during an upswing in the company. According to research, they’re the most valuable between two periods of growth: when leads and revenue grow together, or when sales increase first and lead development follows shortly thereafter.

According to PayScale, the average salary for a VP of sales is $143,311 in the United States. VPs can receive bonuses up to $89,000 and commissions up to $102,000.

What skills a VP of sales candidate should have

  • Expertise in increasing the sales productivity of your team
  • Our long-term track record of success
  • How Diane's mentoring skills have led to promotions
  • How to develop a strong strategic mindset

13. Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

A chief sales officer (CSO) is the highest position in a company’s sales team. The CSO is in charge of leading and managing the entire sales force and oversees all activities.

CSOs focus on leadership and strategy to assess the effectiveness of sales, operations, and customer support. They evaluate the company’s performance so changes in these areas can be made so the company may hit its set targets and overall business goal. CSOs also analyze money-making channels and competitors, as well as market trends and the company’s initiatives.

Chief sales officers in the US who work on average earn $170,567. They can also make up to $100,000 in bonuses and commissions up to $175,000.

The job of chief sales officer generally requires the following skills:

  • Understand the competitive landscape
  • Your ability to communicate and lead a team will help you succeed in the job market.
  • Effective Change Management Within a Growing or Scaling Company
  • Learn about business acumen and in-depth understanding of market complexities

Final Thoughts:

When looking for your next career upgrade or your next sales hire, this list of the best types of sales jobs will help you make the right choice. Though not exhaustive, it will give you some ideas to get started.

This list can help job seekers, who use it in the process of finding the right job, negotiating salary, and creating a compelling sales cover letter. It is also useful for hiring managers who can use it to define their budget, write job descriptions, and find the best candidate.

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