7 Ways Where A Tablet Can Help During The Summer Of Sales Business

The past two and a half years have been tough, but so were the sales teams all around the world. According to a recently released report by EzzyCRM, 59% of salespeople believe their success will increase significantly in 2020. Instead of the tablet industry declining, it grew in 2020 by 13.6%. Experts have attributed this to people working and learning from home.

As work from home and online learning increase, demand for tablets has increased to unprecedented levels. IDC analyst Anuroopa Nataraj concluded that demand is due to the fact that consumers now have better choices when it comes to what devices they use for their most important tasks like education and productivity.

In 2014, 42% of tablet and iPad sales professionals were using their devices to sell. The rate of usage is set to increase again.

What Technology Will Go Through In 2018, And What It Means For Your Business

With modern technology that allows for computer work and meetings to be conducted remotely, it's essential your sales team has the tools and strategies to stay productive.

Our State of Sales report found that sales professionals who feel satisfied with the tools and managers they have are 12 percentage points more likely to consider themselves successful than those who do not.

All salespeople, not just the salesperson who works on the road (5%) or from home (41%), can benefit from having the right devices as a tool for presenting to their prospects, managing their activities, and completing sales.

As salespeople, tablets are perfect because they can be used for work and personal use. Here are seven ways that tablets and iPads can help you and your team to stay productive this summer.

1. Take Advantage Of Downtime

Constraints put on salespeople are beginning to be removed, which means face-to-face meetings can be scheduled again. This process results in less time spent in meetings and waiting rooms.

With a tablet, you can use this downtime to access your software, answer emails, or prepare. With laptops, often the same thing is true, although it's more cumbersome and difficult to pull out on the go a laptop.

This is even true for waiting for someone you're meeting at a cafe or restaurant with limited table space or standing somewhere.

2. How To Show Off Your Sales Collateral

Another advantage of using tablets during a meeting is to show off your sales collateral. This can be done with either physical items like brochures or via digital documents like PowerPoint presentations.

For example, a tablet device can help you save on paper by printing and carrying documents with you. This has the advantage of providing you with quality content on the spot and providing immediate access to your most important documents.

Employing various levels of usefulness, an iPad or tablet can show off different views of a house to potential buyers in the home. For your next visit to a client, use a tablet to showcase the technical details of your product.

3. Appear Knowledgeable In The Shop Floor

In addition to remote workers, tablets can also benefit people in the office who are on the go. EKN found out that only a quarter of retailers are letting their staff access inventory or price information on mobile devices. 4 in 10 Millennials specifically mentioned knowledgeable staff playing a part in influencing their buying decisions, showcasing the impact of improved retail worker communication.

If you have a shop with sales associates, encouraging your employees to use tablets would make it easier for them to engage with consumers, as well as make a stronger case for consumers to buy.

4. Make The Notes That You Have In-Store Instantly Available With CRM

With EzzyCRM, you will be able to take notes during or after a call and track their progress; this is also important for meeting prospects and contacts. However, it can be challenging to type notes and hold your phone in one hand while holding a headset. If you're away from your desktop, this becomes even more challenging.

With EzzyCRM's iPad app, you can take notes with the Apple Pencil. The note-taking capability leaves your hands free to use your phone or give a colleague a quick hand signal, and this helps those who prefer to take notes by hand keep everything they write down in one central location.

Taking notes by hand can help you remember information, while it can also allow you to preserve details after a call. You might forget otherwise key information.

Our iPad and mobile apps make it easy to track your progress while you work remotely, so you can be productive wherever you are this summer.

5. Staying Connected At Events

Business events have been fairly low in the past, but that might change in 2021. Device availability increases opportunities by making it more likely to be present and stay ahead of the competition. Having a tablet or an iPad on hand can help with these events, even if you're just managing a booth at an event.

Tablet devices can access the internet remotely, making them a great option for events where WiFi is patchy. They also have large screens than mobile devices, giving you the ability to display promotional material from the event.

With the right configuration, you can use your tablet at an event booth to help make it more interesting and fun. Here are some of the ways you can use your tablet at an event booth:

6. Set Up The Tablets As POS Terminals

Learn what point-of-sale (POS) tablets can do

They can be used by brick and mortar stores to automate tasks, such as queue management and payment so that their staff can spend time interacting with customers. You can use tablet computers instead of cashier stations to save space or encourage customers to use automated self-service kiosks.

Set up tablets around your store to allow customers to browse and discover deals. This will increase foot traffic and improve sales by educating your customers on the benefits of shopping at your location.

7. Get The Documents Signed

Using the Apple Pencil, you can take notes by hand or with a stylus. It also has other useful functions, including a magnifying glass and an eraser to delete and add text. With the Apple Pencil, you can now take your iPad to sales and negotiations with competing companies. There is no need to print or scan anything as long as you have your iPad with a Pencil attached.

If you don't need to sign a document, you could just upload it onto your mobile device and send it back. With EzzyCRM Smart Docs, it's as easy to sign your documents as certain with a simple click of a button. You don't even need to write your signature. Apple Pencil is just one technology that can accelerate the signing process; EzzyCRM Smart Docs syncs your sales documents with your CRM, so you can track where they are in the process and strike while the deal is hot.

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