19 tips for keeping your salespeople happy

When sales employees are motivated, they perform better. This results in a healthier bottom line for their company.

A quick solution is not to crack jokes all day and expect high morale, but to be using structured data and machine learning.

Indeed, happiness at work can be elusive, but there are ways we can encourage it. This article examines various practical steps that start with evaluating the basics, such as your physical surroundings and organizational policies.

The sources of these 18 sales tips range from Entrepreneur, Fortune, Business Insider, Fast Company, and The New York Times.

1. Primarily focusing on key sales activities

Focusing on sales numbers alone can be stressful. As a salesperson or manager, you can influence but never control sales numbers.

To control the variables that can influence productivity, you need to manipulate your activities. With AI, you can design and launch micro-services and connected workflows with ease.

You can control what you say and do on a sales call and still let the prospect decide to buy or not. Focus on the means and the ends will come.

2. Learn how to appreciate each other

A commonly known determinant for happiness on the job is whether you are being appreciated for your work.

The articles that are curated for this article all show appreciation as a way to motivate individuals to work.

Here are some quick tips for showing your employees that you care about them:

  • Celebrate the small milestones in life
  • How to use compliment-giving effectively
  • To start trusting your employees, tell them you trust them. Then back up your words by implementing a system that demonstrates you trust them.
  • An open-door policy is recommended in order to be transparent and open.
  • Five ways to say thank you in a time of need

Pick one person every month to recognize.

Praising Employees with Recognition Rewards

3. Set higher goals and try to reach them

Empowering employees with projects that they feel ownership over can improve their happiness. Great leaders recognize this and want them to have autonomy in their projects. It’s important to give them some say in what they do as well as when they get to work on things.

One way to increase sales is to create a destination for your salespeople, but trust them for determining how to accomplish the goal.

4. Fade the line between boss and an employee

If a new project arises, the team leader should be assigned primary responsibility and all other members of the team will take turns being the lead. This will give them more ownership and a sense of team.

A sales manager can delegate responsibilities to their team that will make the work seem less daunting and easier.

5. Question efficiency if the purpose is not fulfilled

"In The New York Times", Barry Schwartz discusses how companies think that if they make their workers more efficient, then things will be easier for them.

The sacrifice in employee satisfaction could come with the trade-off of higher production and profits. However, employees should be happy because they are doing fulfilling work that contributes meaningfully to society.

To create meaning in your work, identify monotonous tasks and make them the opposite; meaningful, challenging, and engaging.

How to use certain sales hacks for a more successful, productive day

Make your days more efficient by focusing on your meetings and calls, and getting more done during admin tasks.

6. Steps to take to become autonomous

In his book, he explains that some people already have a lot of autonomy in their lives, but don’t realize it. He recommends that one take a personal inventory to identify what you would like to do more of and do it.

Remind employees about their autonomy by giving them ownership.

The Sales Motivation Tip: What freedoms are your salespeople not taking advantage of?

7. The Importance Of Connecting

In the story "The irony of paying hospitals based on patient satisfaction," Jayson Marwaha mentions that Medicare started paying hospitals more based on patient satisfaction, which resulted in changes for patients but also caused problems for nurses.

The article mentions how happy caregivers make the work environment happier, so they can benefit patients positively

Harris Poll found that 60% of workers would be happier when they see others happy at work.

Sales motivation tip: Remember that the success of your team impacts the client experience, so make sure they understand each others' successes and always be happy with one another. This, in turn, will have a positive effect on your clients.

8.  Ways To Over-deliver

James Altucher, the author of many books, asked why over-delivering made him more happy and productive. He replied that he has "no idea." Over-delivering just makes him happier and more productive.
Altucher advises that we should not give people what they expect, but what they deserve. He says not to under-deliver — give them more and do it better than they could have imagined.

Sales Motivation Tip: You may sometimes feel as though you're living in a world where you have to take whatever you can get and if that's true, Altucher advises flipping your thinking and giving what you can.

9. Maintaining Transparency and Honesty

Have you recently made big changes to how sales are conducted? If so, did you not only get buy-in from your team but also a sense that they understand the rationale behind the change?

10. Conventional methods to stay happy

One way to increase happiness is by giving chocolate to employees, or people in general. With a little bit of happiness and pleasure, we can increase our performance and be overall more productive.

11. What is a healthy way to make money?

Happiness: the key to wealth

Workplace gurus recognize the importance of non-financial drivers to employee happiness, while a majority of workers are motivated by a regular paycheck.

Three recent surveys of Spherion, the Society of Human Resource Management, and SAP have concluded that the most motivating factor for employees is compensation.

12. Looking at the benefits

You should consider the benefits your company provides. As a company, you should focus on the wellness of your employees.

Graves found that satisfied employees are twice as likely to feel satisfied with their work.

What benefits do you offer that differentiate you from your competition?

13. Looking at the perks

It may be time to stop chasing the dollar

Troyani mentioned in Entrepreneur that saying “thank you” and then explaining why you are grateful can improve employee perceptions of the work environment.

Saying thanks can be left for happiness because it recognizes the contributions people make to our lives.

14. The value of taking a break from work

Schawbel wrote in Forbes that it is important for salespersons to be mindful when meetings might take too much time.

Too many meetings can be counterproductive. In order to spur creativity and encourage networking, try having fewer but more structured meetings.

15. Activities such as backyard barbecue

DeMers argues that offsite social events, such as company parties and picnics, help improve team building, office relationships, and organizational productivity.

According to the Entrepreneur article, Stefanie Daneau, small perks such as these can have a profound effect. In this case, she suggests surprising your team by bringing them breakfast or taking them out for an unscheduled lunch.

In order to create a productive workplace environment, what extracurricular activity can the team invest in?

16. Clarify your expectations

Uncertainty at work can be frustrating, and in Inc. magazine, you'll find a golden nugget of advice for managers to clearly communicate what is expected of their employees.
You should make sure there is no confusion surrounding what you want your employees to do.

17. Sales is as important as any other form of marketing.

To keep employees happy, learn more about them. With Truity, you can easily find out personality types to determine the best type of job they may be interested in.

In order to get the most out of your employees, take time to learn their strengths and weaknesses.

18. Learn how to be intentional and find happiness

Karl Staib says happiness at work is tricky, and that one way of bringing awareness to our happiness levels is to map them.
To help work through the feelings you have at work to better handle them, think about what feelings you want to have in your workplace. Then make a list of actions you can take to help with those feelings and put it where it will be seen often so that you are reminded of what you need to do.

19. Working out together can be great

According to Ayun Ayu of Ayutopia International, it’s important to not only have employees get away from work but also support them by going to the gym together. Doing so will both create morale and help coworkers know each other better.
Sales Motivation Tip: Most people don’t want to exercise with co-workers, so if this is not realistic for your salespeople, you may consider making it happen by paying for their gym memberships.

Creating a happier daily routine

You should take happiness into account when you're deciding how to spend your time.
By focusing on happiness, both productivity and revenue will increase. This will also lead to a company culture where your colleagues are more motivated to come to work.
If you're looking for more sales tips, you should read our guide on CRM, our follow-up email guide, and our content marketing dashboard.


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