A Complete Guide To Web Forms

When you've ordered something online, you have probably filled out a web form. Forms are a method of gathering personal information that any business can use. Web forms differ in many ways, but they will always enable the user to express their thoughts and provide the necessary information. Forms are sometimes called "HTML forms" because users input their personal information in specific fields, which are then sent to a server for processing.

We often use web forms to provide feedback and enter personal information into websites. Some of the examples are when a user signs up for a newsletter on a website or when they can choose to subscribe.

How And Where To Set Up Web Forms?

When setting up online forms for web users, there are several things you will need to keep in mind. These include the use of web fonts, topics that increase conversion rates, and an appealing UI that inspires trust in your leads and their lead information.

Your Form Should Have A Clear Purpose

Before you start, consider what information you want from your customer. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm them with information. There are many ways to ensure your purpose is clear. These include making sure that the form a person is filling out has a recognizable and relevant purpose and providing evidence of why the information gathered by that form would help you in achieving that goal.

  • Include straightforward headers (i.e., First Name, Address, Email, etc.)
  • Provide instructions that are clear and concise
  • Keep the look of your form clean and organized
  • Choose the apt web form type

Web forms are divided into various types, and each form type dictates what fields they may contain. A common example of a web form is the contact form, and suggested fields include name, email address, phone number, or postcode.

This type of web form is typically used to facilitate contact with leads who want to ask you a question or express concern. Along with allowing you to collect information like their name, contact information, and email address, this type of form can also include a field for a potential customer to ask you questions or voice concerns.

Web forms ought to convert web visitors into leads. They typically ask users for personal data like their first and last name, email address, company name, etc.

Selection of email to invite visitors. This type of web form is used when someone expresses interest in your service. They will include their name, a way to contact them, and possibly a way for them to opt into services.

Formative surveys. These types of web forms are used to learn more about your customer's experience with your product or service. 

Competitor forms ask for information. It's often shared on social media or by email. Competitor forms ask entrants to answer a question and provide contact information.

Have You Seen The Significance Of Form Fields?

Identify the purpose of your web form and choose the form type that's perfect for it. From there, you'll be able to clearly label fields and decide what questions to ask. Before sharing personal information with a new source, make sure to ask for contact information such as email and phone number. A study showed that if someone doesn't have an email address, they are likely to not fill out the form or decline it.

After you've figured out how to set up your web form, the next step is to figure out where to share it. If you want someone to sign up for your newsletter, a common practice is placing a subscription box at the top of every page on your company website or as a popup window when they first land on your website.

Make sure you position your web form in a conspicuous place on your website, so people won't overlook it and be frustrated by the lack of flow. Form type tools like the EzzyCRM Web Forms option can use their designer's software to generate HTML code for you. Using these codes, you can paste them into your designs for websites or emails.

Benefits Of Web Forms?

It can initiate more leads through conversations. It's important for a business owner to grasp opportunities to engage with leads before they leave. An integrated web form allows you to demonstrate care for your customers, establish trust and keep leads from leaving.

They can help you retain more visitors, lead to potential sales, and increase your customer experience. You can set up different web forms and pages depending on your site's purpose in order to get maximum traction.

Since online training is becoming a large part of their business, The Reliable Maintenance Solutions company made it very easy for website visitors to purchase their products with just a few clicks. Website visitors just need to select options from the drop-down menus and then proceed to the checkout.

How Automation Can Improve Lead Generation And Nurture

Web forms not only allow you to collect contact information but also can be set up to trigger follow-up actions. With a web form like this, for instance, if a customer uses it, it would redirect them to your whitepaper downloaded on your website.

Marketing and advertising have seen a boom in recent years, with the average entrepreneur spending $1.4 million per year on marketing efforts to acquire new customers. As this content also needs to be updated regularly with information relevant to each new visitor, some platforms have done away with that job, allowing you to send personalized emails with links to your products directly and guiding readers through the buying process.

Ensuring Data Integrity

Web forms can help you find qualified leads, like people who haven't filled out their required information to receive the free download they came for in the first place. Your prospects can only take advantage of a free download if they've provided a genuine email address.

What would take time for manually reviewing hundreds of leads, you can do in minutes using an automated system. With the web form integrated into your EzzyCRM software that sends out an automatic email response for verification, you know whether your leads are real or fake.

Send Information That Is Targeted And Relevant.

You won't know what to send the right people until you know what they're interested in. Web forms provide a quick, easy way to get the information you want. You can design a subscription form that prevents providing people with too much-unwanted content and receiving either an unsubscribe or spam flag.

How To Create Great Web Forms?

To create successful forms for your business, you need to consider the following eight tips:

  1. When creating web forms for customers, put them in a place that is easy to access. Use clear form field titles, and place the forms in the headers of your website or emails.
  2. Make sure the fields that you use in your surveys feature text boxes with a lot of characters and multiple choice selections.
  3. Be sure to provide a button that allows visitors to submit their responses and steer clear of any confusion.
  4. It's easy to organize web forms if you design them in a column format with field labels over each input field.
  5. You can go about creating visually appealing web forms by following your website's design to the tee. In fact, studies suggest that it takes users 50 milliseconds (or .05 seconds) to determine whether they'll stay on your site or leave. The web forms you create should be consistent with your company's visual appearance, so it doesn't look suspicious, and use enough contrast to your website background color--all of which is possible with EzzyCRM WebForms.
  6. Concerning web forms, it's important to anticipate questions and explain why you need specific information (phone number). Doing so will also make your business appear more professional and trustworthy.
  7. Ensure your website is secure and submit forms properly with a CAPTCHA. This extra layer of security will help build trust in the public to submit leads that carry vital information that you can't get back.
  8. Test your web form. After you have created and embedded your web form on your website or email, it's important to test it by looking at it from the point of view of a user. You can do this by filling in and submitting your web form yourself, making sure that quick response tips were previously implemented correctly, then making tweaks where needed. If you set up email notifications to be notified when a visitor submits your web form, now would be a good time to test if that is working.

Features That A Web Form Tool Must Have?

When deciding which tool to use, form tools are key factors.

1. Speed

Your ability to get your web forms up and running is an important consideration when selecting a program. Make sure the program you choose can be easily set up and produce effective web forms with the data you need.

If you want a tool that is quick to set up and requires only a few clicks, you should check out EzzyCRM's Web Forms. It is designed with clear instructions and an easy-to-use interface.

2. Multiple sharing options

It's important to have multiple sharing options for your web forms to increase awareness. Tools like EzzyCRM Web Forms will give you the option yourself by either embedding customizable forms onto your website or marketing partner's websites, emailing the form to your contacts, or posting them on social media.

3. Customizable

Find a tool that combines text and picture web forms to suit your business. For example, Lithium has differentiated itself from competitors with its image and text forms.

Using website forms, you can customize the process of gathering information without unnecessary hassle. All this customizable design allows for a streamlined, professional experience for your users.

4. Automation

A tool that allows your work to be time-efficient and allows you to connect with leads faster is a good thing. A web form tool should help save you time so that you can enjoy your life more.

Our Web Forms allow you to set where your new leads, or deals, appear and send email notifications; our Workflow Automation feature enables you to automatically follow up with a contact with a deal in the different stages of your pipeline.

5. Insights

You also want to consider the tool's ability to measure effectiveness; for example, EzzyCRM's tool gives you insight into your forms and tracks views, submissions, and conversions.


Make your business stronger and more efficient by creating powerful web forms that help you collect data from current and potential customers. Simply connect with EzzyCRM to start using their Web Form feature for all of your needs.

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